Your Guide to Trans Seasonal Layering


During the in-between months when it is neither winter nor summer, neither hot nor cold, Trans seasonal layering is more of a necessity than a trend. Temperatures dropping needs a strategically layering in order to battle against a single day with multiple seasons. Many miss the basics of layering though even though it is obvious that you start with cotton basics and adding wind resistant, heavier layers. The trend is to layer with expertise instead of wearing a thin short sleeved shirt and hide yourself under a huge jacket or coat, making a layering statement is what it is all about while being comfortable regardless of conditions.



It is a huge colour this year and its neutrality adds wonderful opportunities to your wardrobe. Keep away from black as earthy tomes are in and make your statement in layering with a camel or stone coloured leather jacket or coat.



During any cold weather and winter months thick fabrics are in, leather and heavy materials too. Thus make a combination of a velvet suit jacket under tweed jacket, or a leather jacket with a thick overcoat on top. Make sure the colours compliment each other though.



If you do not own one or several, go out and buy a hat guys. It is the ultimate and final layering of trans seasonal layering and nothing better to add style and class to your outfit. A bowler, flat cap, panama or fedora work equally great.



Scarves are definitely not a new trend, but a trend that is here to remain probably forever. Every year you see scarves better and bigger than the previous and small silk scarves are out, but blanket wraps and chunky knits are top. If the weather does not permit for such heavy bulkiness, use a bright pattern or colour regardless of length.