The World’s Most Stylish Stuff for Men to Own Right Now


Looking at a wish list that we as current as 2017 we look at the top most stylish things a man in 2017 should possess or at least some of it if he wants to be on trend with the rest of the world.

The Ressence Type 5G is one of Ressence’s latest models currently available selling for around £28, 000. Smart watch designers go out of their way to design a watch that imitates traditional watches while the Belgian designer Ressence does the opposite. It launched the Type 5G this month and it has sub dials that revolves continuously, oil suspended hands and completely analogue.


The Sony Xperia Touch Projector is also on the list and since tablets increase in size all the time, it seems the right move is instead of getting the latest upgrade to rather invest in a game-changing device from Sony. It is an interactive projector that instantaneously turn flat surfaces from floors to walls and tables into a 23-inch touch screen. It has amazing capabilities including the ability to swipe and click with its responsive fast interface. It prices £1, 220 from Sony and available this spring.


After many hinterlands BlackBerry is making a last effort to return to the mainstream market and this time they did it right. The IN phone to own this Spring is the £499 priced KeyONE, with outstanding battery life, android OS and old click-clack keyboard.


The Love Intelligence Turntable selling at £329 from Kick-starter is another must-have for men this year. It is a smart turntable AND YES it is called the Love. All your prized possessions like vinyls are placed on the surface with the love doing the work via an app you must download and it spins out the sounds from your prized vinyl’s with authentic digital sound.