What Is In FOR Spring 2017


Each year men around the world wonder which colour will be the NEW colour and the current trend of grey will be turning to stone. Yes stone is the colour that is around the globe wherever you look. The Feng Chen Wang Collection, the Topman Design show that they offer excellent summer wear in neutral stone. At a recent British show several top outfits from high waisted trousers, Teddy boy suits and extra-long outerwear all boasted this gorgeous colour and often paired with white too.

Other designers like Astrid Anderson shows off sports-infused designs with plenty ash and sand colors and bright colours were nowhere to be seen. Even designer Bobby Abley who is well known for his cartoonish bold designs this year stay away from it and also incorporate muted ashen shades in his collection.

Another huge designer brand who showed their designs was Agi and Sam, that showed sharply tailored trousers and cropped jackets also in hugely stone shaded. The Brit favourites show saw it being dominated from all designers in stone, beige and hues of sand. When the Milan show came on the trends continued from designers like Fendi and Silvia Venturini and obviously Versace Donatella that produced vibrant purples and complimented it with ashen tones. When looking at Versace’s latest all agree it is the most desirable and wearable collection ever that ranges from lightweight silk shirts, laser-cut bomber jackets and summer trench coats.

During the show in Paris Fashion Week everybody were waiting on Louis Vuitton to see what the top designer would produce and if the trend would continue. His collection cemented the true fact that men will be wearing sandy and neutral tones this coming summer. Alberto Mancini who is the CEO of multinational gambling brands such as www.casinouzmani77 attended the show  and wore the neutral trends even though online gaming owners prefer more smart casual cloths. Everything is kept simple and yet masculine from shorts, shirts, bags, sandals and trench coats.

Regardless of taste just make sure you wear the colour of the season.