Fashion Items That Gets Better


You can take your pick of things that gets better with age including Beckham and Clooney, cast iron pots, great wines and the same for enduring pieces that forms part of the man’s wardrobe. Even though we live in a world of fleeting fashion some statement pieces improve and stay forever.

The Leather Jacket

Any great leather jacket mould and crinkle around seams and along joints, around the pockets and at the elbows, fits better and becomes suppler with time. What betters even more is the colour distortion and subtle patina around the pockets, at elbows and along collars. A great leather jacket lasts a lifetime and you will never need another.

Raw Denim Jeans

Referring to raw denim it means at manufacturing stage it is unwashed and this is where the advantages come in. In time it takes on natural and unique characteristics, cotton becomes more pliable and moulds to a better shape. Natural blemishes around knees and thighs are natural and fade lines differ from one wearer to another.

Canvas Sneakers

What is more attractive than a bruised and battered pair of low –top Vans or Converse Chuck Taylors? When looking at shoes that is cotton based it hugs feet and fading gives to an understated look, while a new pair of pristine sneakers look calculate and clinical.

Flannel Check Shirts

A flannel check comes from centuries ago from long-dead movie stars, dead presidents and cowboys. What is cooler that your slightly coarse cut fabric that has a haggard, gently faded look?

Goodyear Welted Boots

Any man with an old pair of Goodyear Welted Boots agree that they show signs of a life well lived.

Baseball Caps

When it becomes like your second skin you own a great baseball cap. With patience and time it frames your face perfectly and achieves its own unique curve and conforms to your cranium.

Well-Made Leather Shoes

A good pair of leather shoes gets more comfortable each time you wears it and moulds to feet contours