Men have different types of bodies, and this will influence the way they dress up and choose their suits. Now, this is really important, as looking good definitely means feeling good too. Moreover, when you dress sharply, this will make you look successful. If you are not that successful yet, dressing up will surely influence your journey to success. Just remember the power of first impression!

Are You Tall and Slim?

By tall and slim, we are referring to guys who are over 6 feet tall and weigh less than 200 pounds. If you are one of these people, take note of the following tips when choosing the perfect suit for you:

  • Fabric – Since you are on the thin side, choose a suit that uses heavy fabric. This will add weight and bulk to your frame. Heavy wool would be one of your options.
  • Color and Style – Definitely, avoid dark-colored suits as these will make you seem even slimmer. Light shades are recommended so as to add bulk to your frame. Light gray and khaki suits would look good on you. Avoid suits that carry vertical stripe patterns as these will make your body frame seem even longer (and thinner).
  • Button Style – In order to complement your height, choose a coat with high button stance. A suit with buttons located around the navel area won’t be as pleasing to the eyes.
  • Pants Style – The distance from the waistline to the crotch will signify the type of rise pants you use. For tall and slender people, use of regular rise pants is recommended to achieve balance. This way, you won’t appear any taller than you already are.

Are You a Bulky Guy?

When we say “bulky,” we are referring to those guys who are overweight. Muscular people also fall in this category. If you are a bulky guy looking out to buy the perfect suit for your body type, read our tips and tricks below:

  • Fabric – Don’t wear suits with heavy types of fabric as this will only add to your weight and bulk. Instead, go for fabrics that are light so that your suit will just hang loosely on your frame. Suits that are made of soft wool would make for a fine choice.
  • Color – Choose dark-colored suits to give your body a slim effect. In general, dressing up in the same color from top to bottom will make you look taller and slimmer. Colors that would look good for people with bulky frames include dark blue, navy blue, and black.
  • Pattern and Style – Suits with “loud” patterns are definitely a no-no if you have a wide and bulky frame. Avoid checkered suits and designs with horizontal lines too. Go instead for solid patterns and those with vertical stripes as these will make your frame look longer and slimmer.
  • Pants Style – Regular rise pants will also look good on bulky guys.

Are You Kinda Short?

Guys who are shorter than 5’5” can appear to be taller by following our guide in choosing a suit below:

  • Pattern Style – Avoid loud patterns in suits such as checkered and stripes as these designs will just draw attention to your small frame. Solid colors and patterns would look more flattering for you as well as those with vertical stripes. Vertical striped suits are particularly recommended to provide for a lengthening effect on your body.
  • Coat Style – Choose a coat with low button stance. By buttoning suits around the navel area, the body’s frame can have an optical illusion of additional length.
  • Pants StyleLow-rise pants is recommended for short guys so as to add length to one’s legs.

Dressed for Success

Follow our tips above to be able to choose the perfect suit for your body type. If it fits well and it looks good on you, you will have the confidence to go through your day with poise and dignity.

Successful men always start their day right. They wake up with a nice disposition and they prepare for the day in an organized and calm manner. That’s why they also get to work on time.

At home, they start their day nice and easy. While preparing to go to work, they even enjoy spending some time with their family.

By the time they get out the door to go to work, they are fully charged up to face the day’s challenges and opportunities. Wouldn’t you like to be like them? You can – it’s all in the routine.

Below, you will find the morning routine successful men carry out every day. Do these things and find yourself in a different light – happier, more energetic, and more successful!

PictureArt of Shaving
The Art of Shaving

Shaving is a great morning ritual for men. During this time, you get to pamper yourself and feel good about looking neat and presentable. Since shaving involves a delicate procedure, this should be done in a relaxed state of mind.

Don’t shave like it’s an errand that you don’t feel like doing. Do it without hurrying. Do it like a ritual that you truly enjoy. Also, choose a high quality razor to perform this task. Get one with an ergonomically designed handle too, so that you can really control and maneuver it along your face and neck.

Savor Your Morning Coffee

Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee can make any man’s day. This can be easily accomplished by having a reliable coffee machine in your kitchen. With such an appliance, you can easily prepare your favorite gourmet coffee drinks in minutes.

There are even espresso machines that come with built-in grinders, so you can grind coffee beans right before the brewing process. The result? Really fresh and delicious morning coffee!

Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Successful men don’t rush to work on an empty stomach. Eating a hearty breakfast not only puts a person in the mood, it’s also a healthy practice. Just like your car, you also need fuel to function properly and productively.

If you have a good skillet at home, you can easily make eggs and pancakes for breakfast. A sandwich maker also provides you with a convenient way of making your favorite sandwiches. For healthy drinks, you can make green smoothies with a blender.

Read the Newspaper

Reading the newspaper allows your mind and body to relax. It’s also a good way to stay up to date with the news. All successful men are aware of what’s happening around them, you know!

In today’s time, you can read the newspaper through your laptop, cell phone, or tablet. Of course, you can also go for the old fashioned newspaper if you want.

Dressed for Success and Ready to Take on the World

With an organized, relaxed and satisfying morning routine, you will surely be excited and energized to go to work. You are properly prepared and fueled up to accomplish all your tasks for the day too.

So face the day with a smile and carry out the routine of every successful man – ‘cause that’s what you are!

Let’s face it, the kitchen is no longer for women only. Men have staked their claim on the kitchen floor and cooking up meat any time they can. We all grew up in our grandmother’s kitchen with the floral kitchen towels, pastel tiles, and vintage decor. It’s time to create our own manly kitchen that speaks meat rather than pies. But how do you transform your kitchen space into a cooking man cave? Here are some tips and tricks to get you started into becoming a great chef with the perfect kitchen.

Start with the colors. Skip the rustic colors of orange and yellow and go for the basics. A black and white theme is the most common choice but don’t be afraid to do some experimenting. Dark blue and grey can make your silver kitchen appliances pop out while teal and brown can be a mix of modern and vintage. A color theme will make it easier to choose your kitchen decors and utensils. Accent your colors with marble countertops or bamboo kitchen floors for a combination of style and quality.

Speaking of utensils, do not be afraid to splurge. Stay sharp and get more than just one knife. While a chef knife sounds like your all-around knife, consider also buying a serrated knife, paring knife and boning knife to show how serious you are in preparing the perfect meal for your gal. When choosing a chef knife, make sure you find the model that fits perfectly in your hand. If stored properly and sharpened bi-annually, that sharp investment can last you a lifetime. Men also love grilling so don’t forget a stainless steel grill wrangler. You can even get yourself a guitar spatula and circular saw pizza cutter if you want to add some quirkiness to your kitchen.

Other than utensils, a man needs a good set of pot and pans for his kitchen. Store in your cabinet a nonstick skillet, a saute pan, a stainless steel saucepan and even baking sheets. If you’re feeling indulgent, go ahead and get a lasagna pan and large roasting pan for that big turkey you’re planning on Thanksgiving. You can buy pots and pans in literally every color so choose the ones that fits your kitchen theme.

No great cook is complete without a great gas range. How can you make whiskey burgers, candied bacon chocolate chip cookies and a good batch of spicy chicken wings without the perfect gas range? There are many gas range models in the market that can fit your taste. Check for the features such as double oven, timer, griddle burner and button settings. A guy also needs his refrigerator to store beer and all those frozen meat. Find one that matches your gas range in both style and function.

A spice jar may sound like your mother’s best friend but it can also be your kitchen companion. Get those glass spice jars with silver caps for a modern feel. Know your spices because they will bring your cooking to the next level. You can start with salt, basil, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, sage and thyme. Look also for cayenne pepper, rosemary and even sesame seeds. Every chef has a well-stocked spice cabinet like a soldier ready for war.

Gone are the days when men cooking are considered effeminate. Now, real men spend time in the kitchen creating masterpieces for their girls and families. Men are known to always bring their A-game so pair up your kitchen skills with the perfect kitchen with these tips.

A man has a special relationship with his gadgets. With this new year, new gadgets are sprouting everywhere. The wide range of tech trends can lead a man to confusion. While a man’s preference of gadgets will rely on his lifestyle, here is a list of gadgets every guy needs this 2015. These gadgets will fit your life whether you’re a jetsetter, a home buddy, or a professional.

External Hard Drive

Any man would need to expand his computer’s storage capacity and back up data. Back-up travel photos, store important documents, or collect movies on a reliable portable storage drive. There are a lot in the market today to choose from. If you are looking for one that combines style and functionality, the Seagate Seven is today’s thinnest portable hard drive. At just 7mm, it can pack 500GB worth of files. It’s actually thinner than your iPhone 6 Plus but just as beautiful with its all-steel chassis.

Portable Laptop

Location independence is now a trend for a lot of professionals especially in the technology world. Many companies are now allowing their people to work from anywhere as long as they are accessible online. This developed the need for laptops that combines portability and performance. The leading player in this market is Apple’s Macbook Air. The latest MacBook Air comes in two model: 11.6-inch screen and 13.3-inc screen. Its weight is just 1,080 saving your back or shoulder from the strain of a heavy laptop. It can last you the whole day even if you are working on layout while browsing the internet and checking your mail.

Kindle Voyage
Ebook Reader

While a portable laptop is ideal for men on the move, an ebook reader is recommended for those idle moments in transit. The newest player in the market, the Kindle Voyage, is also the best so far. Weighing less than 181 grams and less than 7.6mm thick , the Kindle Voyage can fit in any man’s bag. Hours of reading using the Kindle Voyage will not strain your eyes with its superior lighting and better contrast. Pack business books, best-selling fiction, or classic literature all in one handy gadget. Remember that a man that reads is always sexy.

Jackery Giant
Mobile Power Bank

Every man needs a mobile power bank nowadays with the fast paced lifestyle requiring more juice. Smart phones are drained with the continuous email checking, mobile gaming, calling, texting, and social media updating. There are a lot of portable chargers in the market today so find one that has the highest mAh capacity for your phone. Check for extra features like a little LED flashlight or multiple USB ports. If you are always on the go, a light-weight charger will be the best choice.

Men love their gadgets. Whether they’re at home or on the go, gadgets are part of their life.  It gives men a sense of power and freedom. It also gives them an ego-boost as the latest gadgets help them show off wealth, taste and even knowledge. Whatever the reason, gadgets help men make their life easier. And like the perfect woman, a perfect gadget can make a man feel like a million bucks.

Anyone can travel around the world nowadays. Guys are spending more time going out of their country and meeting women in other sides of the world. They are enjoying a variety of cuisines and parties. So where does a guy go when he wants to escape his routine life? Here are some places you might enjoy!

New York

There is no argument that New York is perfect for anyone, including guys. Known as The City that Never Sleeps, New York City has it all. Enjoy night life or a good date with its wide selection of restaurants and clubs. You can even enjoy a hot slice of pizza at four in the morning! If one slice won’t suffice, you can actually do a pizza tour! No guy can say no to pizza.


Miami combines gorgeous beaches, beautiful women and unique nightlife. This makes Miami a great vacation spot for guys. There is a reason why Miami is famous for its beaches. The South Beach will have men swimming, dining, sunbathing and even just people watching. Go to Lincoln Road Mall to experience 10 blocks of outdoor cafes, art galleries and art deco architecture. Women are not the only ones who can enjoy outdoor shopping and dining!


Nestled in the exotic Philippines, Boracay is popular for water sports, pristine powder white sand, fresh seafood, and endless night of partying. Learn kiteboarding, go parasailing, and even experience cliff diving without breaking your wallet. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, enjoy the white sand and coconut juice while unwinding in the beachfront. Filipinas are also a sight to see with their beautiful smiles and cocoa-colored skin.


Feel like an emperor of a great civilization when you visit Italy. You can walk in Caesar’s footsteps while marveling at the Colosseum. Step into the arena where gladiators once fought. Imagine yourself being the champion gladiator. Visit the Colosseum’s underground chambers. Enjoy a good cup of coffee in any Italian café and take a bite of authentic Naples pizza. Any man will enjoy a week in Italy with its variety of activities whether you’re a history buff, a foodie or just a plain traveler.


The land down under can be an ideal destination for a guy’s trip. Get your adrenaline pumping as you do a tandem skydive over the Yarra Valley. Jump from 14,000ft above for 60 seconds of freefall then enjoy the city skyline of Melbourne and lush Yarra Ranges for 5-7 minutes of float. If you’re not the adventure type, then stroll around the Melbourne Zoo where you can meet koalas, kangaroos and wombats. Or dive with the sharks in the three story Melbourne Aquarium.

The world is full of places that can satisfy a man’s wanderlust. Whether you’re looking for a place to chill or to party, each continent has a place to match your cravings. Don’t forget to explore unknown places. Get lost, discover a new look on things and marvel at the beauty of the world.