How to Match Shoe Colours with a Suit


If you wear a gorgeous Armani suit in Black and wear the wrong colour shoes your entire effort will be blown. Your suit can be as stylish, expensive and slick as ever, but wrong shoes is simply wrong outfit all together. Even when you wear expensive sophisticated shoes in the wrong colour that clashes or does not match your suit, you sit with a ruined outfit. Check out this guide in finding the right matches.


Black suits are something most men owns thus do we look at shoe colour for black suits first. The only option that works best is black on black and any other colour shoe will be off balance. You might want to be adventurous, but instead of playing with shoe colour to add colour to your outfit rather look at a bold tie or bright shirt instead.
Navy suits offer more colour options in regards to shoes as you can opt equally successful for burgundy, brown and black with navy. The rich brown and red tones of burgundy is excellent with a navy suit as it adds a contemporary and classic feel to the outfit. Here you should stick to monk-strap styles, loafers and oxfords for polished appearance.


Shoes to wear with grey suits could be difficult if you do not distinguish between the shades of grey first. Dark grey for example looks great with either black shoes or burgundy. Black is excellent for formal occasions, while the burgundy works for both formal and semi-formal events.


Light grey suits are excellent when worn with black, brown or burgundy shoes. Again the burgundy looks sophisticated and suave if you stick to sharp and simple styles like oxfords. When looking for a traditional look and modern appearance opt for brown shoes with a light grey suit while black shoes are great with light grey during a formal event.